Bibby Offshore develops engineering operations - 10 August 2012

Bibby Offshore  develops engineering operations

Bibby Offshore Limited has engaged Norton Straw Consultants in the development of their engineering operations, processes and management systems  to support their growing business.

Bibby Offshore is renowned as a subsea contractor with focus on construction/inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) & offshore operational and maintenance support.   It's engineering and operations teams continue to grow in size, number and capability as the company aims to support its customers across a broader range of larger multidisciplinary projects.  Bibby Offshore was proactive in recognising that their engineering operations must continue to develop to support the growing international business.

Norton Straw Consultants is working closely with Bibby Ofshore's management team in helping to develop their engineering and project management systems ensuring that they are suitable for their continued growth as a leading subsea contractor.

Norton Straw Consultants' work started with an initial period of consultation and review, following which recommendations for areas of development were discussed with Bibby Offshore's management team. A program of staged implementation is now underway starting with the development of systems and tools that will enable effective management of engineering and operational resources as project teams grow in size, number and capability.

Barry McLeod, Bibby Offshore's Operations Director, commented "engineering operations is one of a number of key areas when growing a sustainable business based on providing safe and high quality subsea services.  We are looking to Norton Straw Consultants to help us identify where and how we develop our processes and systems to support the ongoing increase in Bibby Offshore's engineering capability and resources."

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