Expansion means a new Derby office - 27 May 2019

Expansion means a new Derby office

Norton Straw is delighted to annouce that we have moved to our Derby office to a larger office space, still within the wonderful historic Darley Abbey Mills in Derby, UK.  

We have only moved 30m from the Old Steam Engine House (where we had a great 5 years) into our new home in the East Mill and our new purpose-designed space provides us with a wonderful working environment that will accomodate our planned and conintued growth. 

Our previous office was always a talking point when our clients visited and proved a popular place for our team to come to work so when we outgrew the space it was not easy finding a new home that met with our rather exacting requirements.  However, the new office is amazing and offers the same character and interest that our clients were used to when they came to see us.  

Matt Straw, Norton Straw's Managing Director, said of the new office "The new office will support our planned and continued growth and we have designed a working space that makes a great place for us to work and our clients to visit. Every day I walk to Darley Abbey Mills I cannot help but feel grateful for having such a great place to work and while our office dates back to the 18th century it is definately fit for an engineering and technology company operating in the 21st!"


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