Flow-induced vibration presentation by David Fielding - 16 December 2015

Flow-induced vibration presentation by David Fielding

David Fielding, Technical Manager at Norton Straw Consultants, presented a peer-reviewed paper on flow-induced vibration (FIV) at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Offshore Engineering  conference held on 7 & 8 December 2015 in Aberdeen, UK.

FIV is a phenomenon caused by unsteady flow within pipes, which has been the cause of pipe failures on offshore platforms, in subsea production systems and process facilities.  Pipework design can lead to situations where either turbulent eddies or multiphase flow cause vibration.  Over time this vibration can lead to fatigue failures, especially at junctions and welds. 

David presented as case study, alongside Alex Graham, Technical Specialist at CD-adapco, demonstrating how current industry guidance can help identify if flow-induced vibration is an issue.  He then demonstrated how engineering analysis can help predict the onset of FIV, assess the magnitude of the issue and enable re-design, where necessary.

The work presented is based on a case study and shows how an analysis approach coupling both computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) can add significant understanding and value to this major structural integrity issues.

In the paper David commented that "Parts of the FIV phenomenon are still not fully understood, especially the loads caused by slugging and pulsating flows.  However, computational approaches are now sufficiently advanced that we are beginning to understand how multiphase flows can alter the fatigue life of a system.  A more accurate analysis method allows us to make a pipework network smaller, lighter, cheaper and more reliable."


If you are interested in the paper or wish to discuss flow-induced vibration further please do not hesitate to contact David or one of our specialists on +44 1332 34 8844 or

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