"Houston, we have no problems" - 9 May 2018

Last week Norton Straw Consultants' team went back to The Ecclesbourne School to help launch the rockets that the Year 8 pupils had carefully and lovingly crafted from recycled plastic bottles, card and sticky tape (in some cases lots of it!). 

The aim of the project? To helped engage more young people in engineering and technology.

Whether we succeeded in our aim is a question best answered when the pupils choose their careers in the future, but we definitely all had great fun! 

The winning team made a good, although not winning, launch.  However, their fantastic explanation of how they designed it, why they made the decisions they did and general hard work were the key ingredients for their success. Hopefully they enjoy eating & reading their winnings!

See the rockets at their peak height below - well done to the team whose rocket even made the roof of the science building!

PS. for those wanting to see how it was done see our Linked In post of our own first launch here!

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