Joe Cowperthwaite joins the Bristol office - 14 April 2019

Joe Cowperthwaite joins the Bristol office

Growth continues at Norton Straw Consultants with Joe Cowperthwaite making the long journey from Barrow-in-Furness to Bristol to join the team as an Engineer.  A mathematician by training, Joe has been working in the naval industry for the last few years, specialising in a wide variety of engineering analyses and especially shock modelling.

"Moving into consultancy isn't a great change for me", explained Joe, "as I was working as a sort of internal consultant before.  I worked within a team that investigated whole boat response to naval shock events and the resulting complex interactions when such an event occurs.  Colleagues would come with all sorts of shock and dynamic related modelling problems, which I'd have to solve using any techniques available – finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, or just a pen and paper.  These solutions would then be implemented into our analysis enabling us to accurately predict the response and position us to mitigate the risks.  During my time working within naval systems I worked on several shock related problems including general structural analysis, characterisation of shock mounts and the interaction between rotating equipment and their supporting structure.   It involved the use of finite element analysis and the development of bespoke analysis toolsets[MS1] , great preparation for the sort of challenges I'm already dealing with now at Norton Straw".

Matt Straw, Managing Director at Norton Straw, says of Joe's appointment "It's great to add another engineering mathematician to the team, especially one with such experience of solving shock and dynamic problems.  Joe's already contributing to projects on flow induced vibration and gas turbine blades, and we expect him to be very busy as the business grows."


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