Just in the Nich...olson of time! - 25 September 2019

Just in the Nich...olson of time!

We must ask if we are becoming an engineering com-pun-ay at this point based on our recent press releases!

Having recently submitted his PhD at the University of Nottingham in Mechanical Engineering, Jonathon Nicholson was quickly snapped up and is looking to broaden his knowledge after researching multiphase flows focusing on thin fluid films in aircraft engines. With his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jonathon continues adding to the considerable technical expertise at Norton Straw with his notable activity in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and mathematical modelling.

Matt Straw, Managing Director of Norton Straw, had a few words to add (as usual) "Jon's experience in numerical modelling of complex fluid flows and heat transfer fits perfectly with our ongoing work in aerospace and his expertise will also be applied to meet challenges faced by our clients in other industries including energy and food.  Along with his research focus, Jon's wider mechanical engineering and technical software programming skills will be of great value helping the Norton Straw team to meet our clients' engineering and technology challenges."

While Matt usually tries to have the last word, Jonathon got in there on this occasion, so over to him "I have spent close to the last decade learning and picking up a wide range of technical skills in mechanical engineering, applied mathematical modelling and software programming, specializing in simulating multiphase flows for the aerospace industry. When I submitted my PhD thesis at the University of Nottingham, I was speechless with how well timed the opportunity to join Norton Straw was.  I am already active on projects, applying the expertise I have gained to help our clients."

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