Norton Straw advises BBC Natural History Unit - 22 June 2017

Norton Straw advises BBC Natural History Unit

We are delighted that Norton Straw's fluid dynamics experts have been advising the BBC Natural History Unit on the hydrodynamics of a novel new range of underwater cameras. Shooting starts later this year on a new series on the maritime ecosystem, and the new cameras are intended to reduce the impact on underwater fauna and allow the BBC to get to places never seen before.

Dr Simon Rees of Norton Straw said, 'I've done work on bio-mimetic* flows in the past, looking at how nature has found better solutions to reducing drag and increasing power and replicating those solutions on engineering projects. This was slightly different, as we needed to use engineering knowledge to make cameras less intrusive, and it's been an honour to provide our expertise to the incredible team at the BBC NHU'.

* Biomimetics is the design of systems, processes or materials that mimic those that are biologically produced in nature.


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