Norton Straw supports Rolls-Royce on Trent XWB engine - 12 December 2016

Norton Straw supports Rolls-Royce on Trent XWB engine

Norton Straw Consultants has been awarded its first scope of work for Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

The work undertaken involved developing a method for predicting transport and coalescence of oil droplets in the Trent XWB engine for the purpose of efficient oil management. 

The predictive method was based on the computer-based simulation technique Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using the multiphase flow capability of the STAR-CCM+ software (developed by Siemens PLM Software).  Norton Straw Consultants' engineers incorporated an additional model to capture specific complex flow phenomena. 

Dr Matt Straw, Managing Director of Norton Straw Consultants, commented that "We are delighted to have successfully delivered our first project to Rolls-Royce's aerospace division.  Our engineering team has worked closely with Rolls-Royce on the Trent XWB engine leading to developments in the advanced flow modelling capability of both companies."

After demonstrating that the simulated predictions agreed with Rolls-Royce's experimental test data, the technique will be used to aid engine design.  Norton Straw Consultants has further demonstrated that the use of design exploration technology, coupled with flow modelling, could help make significant step-changes to oil management in future engines.

Dr Straw continued "our engineering team combines expertise from a wide range of backgrounds including aerospace and energy industries such as oil and gas, nuclear and transformative technology such as fuel cells.  We solve a wide range of complex engineering challenges and it is this range of experience that is of value to Rolls-Royce." He concluded that "Our customer-base is diverse both in terms of industry and geographic location so having a major customer on the door step of our Derby office is fantastic. We look forward to working with Rolls-Royce further on the next stage of this work."

For more information about our flow, thermal and structural capability in the aerospace industry please contact Matt Straw ( or SImon Rees ( by email or by phone on +44 1332 348844.

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