Oil & Gas Separation Webinar (CFD simulation) - 1 October 2014

Oil & Gas Separation Webinar (CFD simulation)

Norton Straw Consultants gives Webinar for CD-adapco

Earlier in 2014 we presented a webinar on the use of engineering simulation (CFD) to improve separator performance on behalf of CFD software provider CD-adapco.  

The webinar is available in part on

The aim of the webinar was to show how CFD simulation can benefit:

  • Separation and process product and technology development
  • The understanding of separator performance (for both new and existing vessels)
  • How under-performing separation systems can be improved
  • Control of separator inventory sloshing on offshore floating production facilities
  • Separation systems that require increased production or need to handle increased water cuts

For more information on our indepth experience in helping in the field of separation technology and simulation contact the presenter of the webinar:

Matt Straw

+44 1332 34 88 44

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