Article: Flow assurance & erosion simulation

A recent article written by Matt Straw was published in the August 2013 edition of the Scandanavian Oil & Gas Magazine. In the aritcle Matt talks about the application of computer-based simulation tools and their benefits in aiding effective designs and operations for hydrate avoidance and mitigation in subsea production of oil and gas. With specific reference to how the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique is being used by Norton Straw in its subsea engineering activities, Matt draws on how such approaches can...

Simulating and predicting erosion

Follow this link to hear a chat between Norton Straw & CD-adapco about how engineering simulation can be used to better understand and minimise the issues of erosion in oil and gas production systems:    

Engineering simulation for unconventional oil and gas-Calgary seminar

Norton Straw Consultants presented at CD-adapco's seminars in St. John's and Calgary. St. John's seminar focussed on engineering simulation tool computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to subsea, flow assurance and marine applications while presentation at the Calgary event was directed more towards applications of CFD simualtion to the complex issues relating to unconventional oil and gas such as oil sands and the many complexities involved. For more information please contact us at

Attending OTC 2014

Norton Straw Consultants will be attending the annual OTC conference and exhibition in Houston. We look forward to catching up with our customers from around the world.