Rathbone Market - CFD Wind Study - 25 June 2012

Rathbone Market - CFD Wind Study

Norton Straw Consultants completes wind environment assessment of Rathbone Market on behalf of Peter Brett Associates using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Peter Brett Associates ( engaged Norton Straw Consultants' wind engineering and CFD services to assess the wind environment around the proposed development of Rathbone Market as part of the reserved matters application to Newham Council.

The study aimed to assess the wind environment based on pedestrian safety and comfort.  The architect's 3D models were used to generate a virtual model of the site (at full scale).  Locally measured wind data was used to generate predictions of the wind environment around the vicinity of the site. 

The wind predictions (made using CFD)  were then combined with the Lawson Criteria for pedestrian safety and comfort (related to wind conditions) to make a full assessment of the site.

 Rathbone Market is in the London Borough of Newham and is undergoing a major development with a mix of residential and commercial buildings.  The study undertaken here was focussed on the wind environment around Phase 2.  Phase 1 is currently under construction and more information about Rathbone Market, and how it is changing, can be found at

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