Simon Rees to give lecture in Teesside - 20 November 2019

Simon Rees to give lecture in Teesside

Norton Straw Project Director Dr Simon Rees is giving a lecture to the IMechE North East Process Centre on Thursday 5th December in Billingham.  Dr Rees also chairs the IMechE Upstream Oil and Gas Technical Committee, and the lecture will cover some recent work done on the deployment of digital technology in upstream oil and gas.  A recent report produced by the committee concluded that despite some examples of good practice, in general the sector was falling behind other sectors.  As Dr Rees commented:

"The industry is known to be conservative in its approach to new technology, but the problem with offshore digital is the lack of common standards and approaches, and insufficient training and educational material at all levels.  To put it simply, businesses see what other companies are doing but have no ideal how to implement similar systems as they lack the skills and expertise.  In this lecture I'll be looking at some of the examples of good practice, the barriers new adopters might face, and give some ideas about how those barriers could be overcome".

More details on the lecture can be found on the IMechE Teesside website here, and a copy of the Upstream committee report can be downloaded here.

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