The (vibrating) pipes are calling Danny, along with other technical challenges - 27 March 2019

The (vibrating) pipes are calling Danny, along with other  technical challenges

As if moving into our new, larger, Bristol office was not enough excitement for one week, we are also delighted to announce that Danny Thomas has joined Norton Straw as Principal Engineer.  Danny adds further to our capabilities in structural design, assurance and analysis. 

After helping us move to our new offices on his first day, we asked Danny to tell us about his industry experiences.  So, rather than a third person telling you about him, we thought he could do it best in his own words.  So, over to Danny...

"Before joining Norton Straw I spent around 12 years delivering technical projects across the aerospace, oil and gas and wider energy industries." We asked him to elaborate a little, "Among many other projects, I have assessed novel subsea equipment, performed complex turbine blade impact analyses, worked on design-life assessments of nuclear energy facilities and developed analysis methods for welded components." And that was just a few examples of Danny's work and experiences.

We asked Danny to tell us more about the range of technical challenges he has faced, "I have been involved in many different technical aspects including fatigue assessments, blast analysis and underwater shock, gas turbine blade impact analysis, vibration+, fracture analysis, thermal analysis, welding distortion and stress, composites, seals, pressure vessels and a range of manufacturing processes."  Once Danny has his breath back from telling us this lot, he will be working very closely with our clients on current projects in industries including energy, oil and gas and aerospace.

Matt Straw, Managing Director at Norton Straw, says of Danny's appointment "Danny's technical skills, experience and attitude make him another great addition to our team supporting structural challenges faced by our clients.  We are still in the process of working out how best to use the acrobatic and cardboard boat-building skills he mentioned during his interview, however, we have never been afraid of doing new things!"  Matt concluded with his usual shameless plug for Norton Straw Consultants, "Our aim has always been to build a sustainable business, doing interesting, challenging and enjoyable work.  We do this by recruiting motivated, talented people and working closely with our clients to solve their complex engineering and technology challenges.  It really is a great time for us all at Norton Straw, and hopefully for our clients too, as our range of services develop, and we continue to grow into new areas."


hence the awful pun in the title of this article

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