Welcome Seb Sikora - 19 November 2019

Welcome Seb Sikora

Seb Sikora joins us from the University of Leeds faculties of Engineering and Environment, where he spent four years following his PhD within the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, developing physical and computational tools and processes for the mechanical characterization of natural materials and pre-clinical testing of new musculoskeletal therapies, followed by 2.5 years within the Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Science designing and building novel scientific instruments for field data collection and laboratory analysis.

Matt Straw, Managing Director of Norton Straw, declaimed "Besides strengthening our already powerful team of stress and integrity engineers, Seb brings experience of real-time software development in the environmental sector.  We look forward to seeing how these skills expand the portfolio of services we already offer our customers, by integrating sensors and other instrumentation into the digital domain."

Sensing a pause, Seb cut in "I'm really looking forward to fusing my data handling skills with the incredible modelling and simulation environment here at Norton Straw.  Modelling and instrumentation both generate huge amounts of data nowadays, and making that data accessible with user-friendly software is something I really enjoy.  This is an exciting time to join an exciting company".

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