Welcome to Rikesh; meet the man behind the Mistry - 19 July 2019

Welcome to Rikesh; meet the man behind the Mistry

We are delighted to welcome Rikesh Mistry as Graduate Engineer to the Norton Straw team. 

Rather than us write something, we decided to let Rikesh tell us more about himself.  The only request we made was for him to find a terrible pun, we think he absolutely nailed it!  Rikesh is too modest to write that he recently received a First Class Masters (MEng) degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics with Aerodynamics; well done Rikesh, welcome to the team, we are sure you will have a great career with us and now over to you...

'I started working at Norton Straw less than a month after finishing my final exams at The University of Southampton. I couldn't wait to get stuck into tricky problems and gain useful experience, but most importantly I needed the money.

Throughout university and industrial placements, I have gained a good foundation in the principles of fluid dynamics both experimentally and computationally. I mainly focused on the modelling of external aerodynamics around objects including heavy goods vehicles and vertical axis wind turbines. Alongside the physics behind the simulated flows, I also have an interest in automating workflows that I gained in my final year project where I created a full automated CFD process to evaluate the performance of a touring car.

Being straight out of university, working for an engineering and technology consultancy provides me with the oportunity to continue learning and become a more complete engineer, while solving novel and complicated problems. I am excited about my future with Norton Straw, where I chose to work instead of doing a PhD, so it had better be rewarding enough to make up for the fact that my name won't sound like a terrible super-villain!'


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