Norton Straw provides engineering, technology and industrial consulting services. We combine technical expertise with industry and market awareness

We support our clients in

  • Designing equipment and systems
  • Operating facilities
  • Delivering engineering projects
  • Operating their engineering or technology business

Our services combine the following

Simulation and analysis

Using computer-based simulation and analysis we predict physical and chemical behaviour (such as  flow, heat transfer and structural response) to deliver practical engineering advice and services to our clients in a range of industries and applications.  Our industry-leading team has many decades of experience across many industries and simulation and analysis technologies including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis, system modelling and optimisation.


Our consultancy services combine our technical expertise with industry and commercial experience to help our clients make informed investment opportunities, assess and harness technology and improve their business operations using our broad range of experience across a range of industries.

Engineering design

Our teams provide design services as well as independent technical advice and expertise in areas including mechanical, structural, thermal, fluids, materials and process engineering.  From initial concept to detailed design and operations we have proven experience across a wide range of industries designing equipment and supporting the operation of engineering and process facilities.

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