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An engineering & technology consultancy that's all about finding the right answers

Norton Straw is a valued engineering and technology partner

We deliver services across a range of industries and technical disciplines. We work closely with our clients helping them enhance the design and operation of their products, systems and facilities as well as supporting the development of their technical capabilities.

Our experts​

A consultancy is all about its people, their combined expertise, experience and ability. ​

​Our team comprises engineers, applied mathematicians and software experts with deep technical expertise, drawn from many disciplines and industries.  ​

​We get satisfaction from knowing our work is making a difference to our clients and we are always looking for where we can help next.  ​

​We use our expertise and technology resources to deliver insight, guidance and answers to complex engineering and technology challenges.  ​

How we work

We aim to be our clients’ engineering and technology partner. ​

​From initial engagement, our experts work closely with our clients’ teams to understand their requirements and aims before tailoring our support, work and approach. ​

​We can provide subject matter experts or rapidly deploy a multi-disciplined team, all equipped with world-leading software and high-performance computer resources. ​

​We are agile and flexible in how we work. We provide you the support and services you need, when and where you need them.

Our business

We are a specialist consultancy working in complex engineering and technology. ​

​The company is managed by a team with proven experience operating successful international consulting companies.  Norton Straw is run in an open and sustainable manner, built on values of mutual trust, integrity and enjoyment.​

​We invest in our people, facilities and technical resources to ensure we develop as individuals, as a team and as an organization so that we can help our clients meet their current and future needs.

"To us it is all about learning and finding answers, fortunately, our clients keep finding the questions."
– Matt Straw, Managing Director. Norton Straw
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