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Case Study

Cleaning lamella clarifiers – Proving performance through CFD

Project Lead:
David Fielding
+44 (0)1332 348844

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To assess if a novel cleaning system for a lamella clarifier in a waste water treatment plant would be successful. The system aims to use gas sparging to periodically clean the plates of residual matter, improving the clarifier’s efficiency and avoiding blockages.

A CFD model was created to simulate the cleaning processes. The multi-phase flow of air bubbles and entrained water was assessed to assess whether there was: an even dispersal through the channels and on all lamella surfaces; sufficient shear at the walls to dislodge any solids on the surfaces.
Our work

The simulation of the current design for the cleaning system predicted uneven dispersion of the air throughout the channels.  The pattern of flow was also different to that anticipated. However, sufficient shear was still produced that would effectively clean the lamella. We were able to inform our client and guide their work in developing and improving the design of the automatic cleaning system.

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