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Case Study

Safer solutions for low cost and weight – Jet fire deflector

Project Lead:
Dr Simon Lewis
+44 (0)117 325 0769

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Our client was developing a safety protection device that would deflect jet fires from leaking pipe flanges away from personnel and equipment.  The device had to withstand high pressures from the leak and extremes of low and high temperature, with minimal metallic content.

The principal challenge was to demonstrate that the device would survive and function in the event of a worst case accident. We used our fluid dynamics and expertise to simulate the leak and the flows and temperatures in the flange cover, then linked these results to stress analysis models to predict the performance of the device. Some essential changes were identified to maintain integrity, but the basic design was sound.
Our Work

We were able to demonstrate the effectiveness and integrity of the device to the relevant approval body, allowing our client’s client to proceed with a design that saved millions of dollars by dispensing with a heavy structural fire wall.  Our client was then able to take the approved design and promote it to other operators worldwide.

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