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Case Study

Waste to heat – Save cost, improve performance

Project Lead:
David Fielding
+44 (0)1332 348844

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In developing a novel compact waste-to-heat process system, our client needed us to help minimise the thermal stresses induced in the structure, by the high temperature pyrolysis processes used to treat the waste, and to maximise its environmental emission performance.

Our team worked with our client to understand the system requirements then proposed a number of potential designs both for the mechanical and emissions control systems. Each design was assessed using finite element analysis (FEA) to capture thermal stressing and computational fluid dynamics to optimise system and process performance.
Our Work

We identified a design that saved over £100,000 in manufacturing cost and significantly reduced the thermal stresses within the system.  Our work on the emissions system identified an alternative concept capable of significantly improving environmental performance, increasing particulate capture.

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