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Efficiency and safety in petrochemicals – Webinar

22 December 2020

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​This webinar introduces the role of predictive-based engineering in operating more efficient, more reliable facilities and in meeting environmental regulations. It provides specific case study examples of how a predictive engineering approach is being applied in refineries and process systems and adding value throughout the engineering life-cycle.​

Dr Matt Straw is invited speaker alongside Dr Ravi Aglave of Siemens Digital Industries Software. Together they discuss how the latest predictive digital simulation and analytics technology can help in equipment design, maximizing refinery uptime and efficiency, troubleshooting problems or preparing for maintenance and turnarounds. ​

Applications discussed include combustion systems, vibration impact on equipment life, troubleshooting valve operation and embrittlement issues and show the role of engineering simulation in maximizing refinery uptime and process efficiency and avoiding unplanned shutdowns. ​

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