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Norton Straw Welcomes Przemyslaw

15 September 2021

Say hello to Przemysław, with him in the team we will Win (…iecki) the hearts of our clients. Przemek graduated with first class honours from the University of Aberdeen with a Master’s of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with Subsea Technology. His thesis covered thermal analysis of umbilical cable simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics. During his summer internship he also helped develop an offshore pulley system for a hydro energy business. Przemek is also multilingual speaking three languages, rather impressive.


A comment from Przemyslaw

Finding the job of my dreams was extremely challenging having finished the degree three months after the beginning of the global pandemic. But it was just another step to becoming the best engineer I can be. People trust us – the engineers – to provide them with innovative yet safe solutions and to do that, we face challenges every day. So as it befits engineer that strive to be the best in his field, I never gave up and overcame any obstacle on my way. Finally my hard work paid off. I joined the leading engineering and technology consultancy to tackle the challenges of the future. After a month in the company it definitely feels like home, a family that constantly challenges me so I can evolve and improve.
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