Norton Straw win Innovate UK Covid Response Grant

26 June 2020


Innovate UK have announced that a team of Norton Straw Consultants have won a key concept design contract as part of the Innovate UK competitive for innovation-led responses to the coronavirus crisis.

The company’s concept was for a novel form of air sterilisation device to protect individuals who have to work in environments where social distancing is impossible. To ensure the device is as small, light, and energy efficient as possible, extensive use is being made of Norton Straw’s expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics. The project lead is Dr Razvan Apetrei, one of the company’s CFD specialists. Razvan has worked with some of the world’s leading experts in fluid dynamics simulation as part of his PhD research.

By combining the design optimisation capabilities with the geometric flexibility of additive manufacturing, Norton Straw are confident a lightweight and efficient device can be developed. The company has previously combined these technologies to develop a highly efficient heat exchanger for new fusion power plants.

Executive Chair, Innovate UK, Dr Ian Campbell, said: “Businesses from all over the UK have answered our call rapidly to meet the challenges we face today and in the future through the power of innovation. The ideas we have seen can truly make a significant impact on society, improve the lives of individuals, especially those in vulnerable groups and enable businesses to prosper in challenging circumstances.”

"The coronavirus crisis has shown how vulnerable our society can be to new pathogens. We're grateful to Innovate UK for providing the support that enables us to contribute to the task of protecting our society from this and future threats".
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