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Norton Straw win with Safeguard’s Aurora EDP Team

23 November 2020

We’re pleased to hear that our teaming partner lead for the MoD Aurora EDP framework, Safeguard Engineering, has been successful in expanding their scope of work to include our services. Safeguard have led a team that also includes Cobalt Blue Ltd, Atentu Ltd, and H2NA Ltd for several years, providing engineering assessment and safety services to the Ministry of Defence via the Aurora EDP framwork. With Norton Straw and also The Oakland Group joining the team, they have now successfully bid for an expanded remit to cover the additional skills available.

Norton Straw hopes to provide expertise that has already proven popular in the defence and other sectors directly to the MoD. These include services such as computational fluid dyanmics studies for ships, submarines, helicopters and aircraft, structural integrity analysis, noise and vibration assessment, and modelling and simulation support to safety studies including fire, explosion, gas release and structural failure.

We’re very grateful to Safeguard for including us in the team and look forward to a successful collaboration.

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