We had the Will power for a year’s placement

03 September 2019


Last week we said farewell to Will Wilson who spent a year with us as part of his Mechanical Engineering degree at Loughborough University. Please accept our apologies for another awful pun in the title of this article.

Over his year at Norton Straw Will got to use his skills in fluid mechanics, thermal engineering and structural assessments across a wide range of interesting projects. These included determining the likely cause of failure in a subsea pipeline, evaluating the effectiveness of a water treatment system and assessing the risk of condensation formation and its impact on structural integrity of a building.

In Will’s own words “The variety of the projects allowed me to pick up a wide range of technical knowledge for multiple industry applications. I really appreciated the support I received from everyone when I needed help with technical problems. I’d like to thank Norton Straw for providing a great experience of what engineering consultancy has to offer, as well as the opportunity to work for them during my placement year.”

Will was also referenced for his contribution to a technical paper Norton Straw and Siemens Industry Software presented at Offshore Technology Conference 2019 in Houston, Texas (you can find the abstract here).

Will is one of a number of engineers we have had work with us to gain experience in the last 12 months, something we will come back to in future posts. We wish Will all the very best in the rest of his studies.

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