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Why we work at Norton Straw

26 February 2021

Why Norton Straw for you?

During my session at our recent 2021 virtual company conference, I asked everyone to write down ‘why Norton Straw, for you?’ The discussion focused on why we work here and what we get out of our jobs.


The image that was generated from those words is presented here and it goes a long way to explain what our business is all about, how we help our clients and what we all get out of working together as a team.


We are a group who love using our combined capabilities to help solve our clients’ complex engineering and technology challenges.  It is this common interest in the practical application of innovation and technology, together with a desire to do business in the right way and enjoy ourselves along the way that comes out in the words in the image.


I have to admit that it looks like a planned answer, however those that know me will know that I could not have written it as well as the team.  Our aim now is to maintain the culture of the business as we continue to grow and develop Norton Straw together.


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